Saturday, August 8, 2009

UOW Spring Season

Sorry for the recent neglect of the perf, Simon and I have been caught up in the usual early session rush of subject outlines, auditions and scrambling for tutorial times. Over the next week there'll be plenty of catching up to do with the blog. Crimp, Beckett, Simon's overseas adventures and we better both see te Kosky sometime soon as well.

In the meantime, UOW has lined up its spring season of performances. Make sure to check for dates and booking numbers closer to end of session, for all non gong people that's basically late October onwards.

The Pidgeon
Directed by Deborah Pollard
with first year students

Trumpets and Raspberries
Written by Dario Fo
Directed by Janys Hayes
with second year students

As I Lay Dreaming
Written and directed by Catherine Mckinnon
with second year students

Angels in America Parts 1 & 2
Written by Tony Kushner
Directed by Tim Maddock and Christopher Ryan
with third year students

Attempts On Her Life
Written by Martin Crimp
Directed by Sanja Simic

Elephant People
Written by Daniel Keene
Directed by Mark Rogers




Holly said...

both see te Kosky sometime soon as well.

te Kosky?
te silly mark

sanja said...

you must. it's stunning.